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ThinkPad-LENOVO System Repairs
The price of desktops and notebooks alike have drastically dropped over the last few years. This is prompting a whole new wave of disposable users to enter into the portable computing arena. But those of us who use, work and depend on our portable systems everyday know the value of that original purchase. This is why we made the only logical choice from the outset. We bought the systems that 97% of all System Administrators recommend to the purchasing department. IBM-Lenovo.
There are times when these work horses do in fact breakdown.

Shark Computer Systems has been managing wide area netowrks, purchasing, installing, servicing IBM Main Frame-Blade Systems and users systems since 1985.
We are also one of the handful of facilities where IBM-Lenovo ThinkPad PASSWORD REMOVAL can be done without the costly and time consuming factory rebuild of the MoBo security chip area of your notebook.
Operating 24 hours a day - 7 days a week in the Essex County Area of Southwestern Ontario Canada, Shark Computer is here when you need us.
Networking Installation - Setup - Repair - Administration
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Windsor Ontario Canada - 519-980-8594